Life is a priceless gift – and timely care and intervention can keep mother and child safe and well. Erum Mujahid, Aaghosh program beneficiary, District Basira, Muzaffargarh, is a mother of two and is expecting her third child. Her first two children were home-birthed with the assistance of a neighborhood midwife, amidst great difficulty. The District Lady Health Worker, Baji Amna, approached Erum and convinced her to visit the Basic Health Unit in Basira for a check-up with the doctor present – this was a difficult task as Erum needed the consent of her spouse, while at the same time her health was deteriorating. As Erum’s mother-in-law is registered with the Benazir Income Support Program, Erum is able to benefit from the Aaghosh program – she now gets regular check-ups at timely intervals at the Basic Health Unit and get a PKR 1,000/- conditional cash transfer per visit to support herself and care for her child’s well-being. Erum is very grateful to the PHCIP team for their cooperation, for their undeterred support and for facilitating her with cash payments, as part of their efforts to get her timely healthcare intervention under the Aaghosh program, giving her much needed support for better health, and peace of mind for a safe delivery for her baby.