The hardship of waiting makes the gift of life all the more special. Residents of Bahawalpur, Muhammad Ramzan and his wife are overjoyed at the birth of their son after years of longing. A Benazir Income Support Program registered family, the couple also got themselves registered under PHCIP Aaghosh Program. Now they are able to get regular scheduled health check-ups for the baby at the Basic Health Unit, along with the complete vaccination course, and are able to benefit from the conditional cash transfer payouts at every visit. The couple find the process of Conditional Cash Transfer collection easy, transparent and hassle-free – they use their regular payouts to provide their little one with better nutrition. Mr. and Mrs. Ramzan are grateful to the PHCIP team for the Aaghosh program, and expressed their desire for this facility to continue, as it is of greatly beneficial for the underprivileged who lack access to quality healthcare.