There is no greater joy than that of a healthy, happy child, born into the arms of longing parents and grandparents. A resident of Fatehpur Punjabiyan, Rahim Yar Khan, Muneeba’s mother in law is overjoyed at the safe delivery of her grandchild, and is very grateful to PHCIP’s Aaghosh program. She herself has been immensely supportive and involved in taking care of her daughter-in-law throughout her pregnancy, regularly taking her to the doctor at the Basic Health Unit for check-ups. She is now doing the same for her granddaughter, taking her for neonatal check-ups at the BHU and ensuring her vaccinations are completed as per the given schedule. The Conditional Cash Transfers that are received from the Aaghosh program are also of great help to the family.

Muneeba feels the Aaghosh program has been extremely helpful and beneficial for her. She was treated very well at her visits to the Basic Health Unit, and received the necessary medicines and injections absolutely free. She was registered to receive the Conditional Cash Transfers, which she has been receiving PKR 1,000 every month. Muneeba’s delivery was done completely free of cost, and she received another PKR 3,000 Conditional Cash Transfer for the same. This extra income has been a blessing, helping Muneeba access better nutrition through fruit, etc. and also helping her in fulfilling her needs for her child.

Muneeba and her mother-in-law are very thankful to the PHCIP team for introducing Aaghosh Program to the district. Muneeba’s mother-in-law, expressing her immense gratitude, expressed her satisfaction that her daughter-in-law was in very good hands, and was provided quality healthcare, including medicines, for all her needs. She hopes Muneeba will continue to stay healthy and happy, and that the Aaghosh program will continue to support her in the future.