A new baby brings hope to those who can often only dream of the possibilities. The Health Center at Kotla Naseer, Rajanpur, became a ray of hope for Saima Bibi when she was able to welcome into the world a healthy, happy baby. This good news was much needed lift to her spirits – earlier Samia Bibi had tragically lost her last child because of a home birth facilitated by a neighborhood Dai (unskilled birth attendant). Saima Bibi and her husband Sajid Hussain are thankful for the ongoing financial support provided by the Aaghosh Program’s Conditional Cash Transfers, which are of great help.

Saima Bibi is grateful for the quality of healthcare available to her under the Aaghosh Program.
Reflecting on the loss of her first child fills her with grief – reduced oxygen supply took her precious baby’s life. When Saima met with the Lady Health Worker, she encouraged her to visit the Health Center for her new pregnancy instead of again trying for a home birth – the Health Center is equipped to monitor and make provisions for emergencies – and Saima benefits from Conditional Cash Transfers as well under the Aaghosh program.

The Lady Health Worker, Baji Tasleem, too reiterates the importance of visiting the Health Center for a safe delivery – the greatest benefit being that it is equipped to provide proper and quality care for the expecting mother and her child.

Saima is extremely thankful to the Aaghosh program – the quality care she received changed her life.