A mother’s ache for a lost child never ends – but with the right care, new life can spring again. Sajida, a resident of Basira, Muzaffargarh, has been diligent about getting regular health check-ups as per schedule at the Basic Health Unit, and saw her delivery through at the BHU as well. After a long wait of 12 years, Sajida was finally blessed with a beautiful baby girl. Prior to this, opting for home births with local midwives, cost Sajida the great loss of many of her children. Today, Sajida is very grateful to the Aaghosh program.

As an Aaghosh program beneficiary, Sajida has access to quality healthcare via the Basic Health Unit, and benefits from Conditional Cash Transfers for every check-up for herself and the baby, as well as the baby’s vaccinations. Sajida describes the process of getting registered for Conditional Cash Transfers as simple and hassle-free – she uses the PKR 1000 she received each time towards better nutrition for her child.

Sajida expressed her immense gratitude to the PHCIP Aaghosh program for her baby’s safe delivery, and for access to timely quality healthcare to ensure her own and her little one’s healthy development.