Safe, effective and lifesaving, immunization vaccinations are essential for a child’s wellbeing. Shehnaz Bibi, a resident of Kotla Nazeer, District Rajanpur, regularly takes her newborn to the Basic Health Unit for medical check-ups and to complete his vaccinations as per schedule. She is extremely happy with the Aaghosh program, a component of the Punjab Human Capital Investment Project (PHCIP) – not only is Shehnaz Bibi benefitting from financial aid, she also feels the quality of healthcare facilities at the Basic Health Unit have improved.

A Lady Heath Visitor belonging to the area came to see Shehnaz Bibi at home – she informed her about the Aaghosh program, and highlighted the benefit of being able to receive Conditional Cash Transfers on every check-up at the Basic Health Unit. Acting on the Lady Health Visitor’s advice, Shehnaz Bibi visited the Basic Health Unit for a health check-up – after the visit, she received an SMS regarding her Conditional Cash Transfer. Shehnaz Bibi opened her HBL Konnect Account, and received her Conditional Cash Transfer of PKR 1,000.

Asma Aslam, Lady Health Visitor BHU Kotla Naseer, Rajanpur, noted that ever since the introduction of the Aaghosh Program’s Conditional Cash Transfers, which have been a great incentive, there has been a considerable increase in the number of pregnant women who visit the Basic Health Unit with great regularity for check-ups as compared to earlier.

Shehnaz Bibi is very grateful to PHCIP’s Aaghosh Program – not only did she have a hygienic facility and quality care for her delivery, she was also awarded a Conditional Cash Transfer of PKR 3,000. Further, she regularly visits the BHU to get her child’s vaccinations done in line with the given schedule, and receives a Conditional Cash Transfer of PKR 1,000 each time. This financial support is a lifeline for Shehnaz Bibi and others like her, helping access better nutrition – and the Aaghosh program facilitates access to quality healthcare for all.