There is no greater gift than the gift of care. Giving back to the communities around them through a life of service, Lady Health Workers are touching countless lives as part of many children’s birth stories. To ensure that expecting mothers get the best care possible, Punjab Human Capital Investment Project, through its Aaghosh Program component, conducts trainings at regular intervals at the Basic Health Unit for the Health Department’s Lady Health Workers, which are very beneficial in guiding the process of conducting home visits and information sessions with expecting mothers.

Jamila, a Lady Health Worker from Fatehpur, Punjabiyan, Rahim Yar Khan, visited Sumera at her home for an information session. Sumera is 6 months pregnant, and regularly visits the Basic Health Unit for check-ups; she is greatly benefitting from the Aaghosh program.

The Lady Health Worker (LHW) Jamila guided Sumera on how to care for herself throughout the duration of her pregnancy, talking her through key points highlighted in the Aaghosh program leaflet, which is illustrated for easier understanding. The information session covered guidance on the right kind of nutritional intake, the correct eating patterns for maximum benefit during the pregnancy, and emphasized the need to rest. Jamila took care to listen to Sumera’s health concerns such as dizziness, and was able to advise her on proper care for the same. She also guided Sumera on caring for her own personal hygiene as well as that of her children, especially during pregnancy, for the family’s better health. Jamila assured Sumera she could reach out at any time that she needed help, and that an ambulance would be arranged to take her for a check-up, where Jamila herself would also personally be present.

Other expectant mothers like Sumera, who belong to BISP-registered families, are encouraged to come to the Basic Health Unit and register themselves with the Aaghosh program, so as to fully benefit from increased access to quality healthcare for mother & child health.