There is great honor in being self-made – hard work, honesty and integrity are key to achieve success. Working to empower those in need, PHCIP has introduced the Khud Mukhtar Program – an initiative to provide people with opportunities to earn a respectful livelihood for themselves and their families.

What is Khud Mukhtar?

The Khud Mukhtar program aims to contribute towards building and improving human capital among poverty-stricken households. Under this Program, members of selected Benazir Income Support Program (BISP) beneficiary households are provided productive assets worth up to PKR 150,000 to earn their livelihood as a way to improve economic inclusion. These efforts are enhanced through Labor Market Readiness (LMR) training and their Livelihood Investment Plans.

Who is Eligible to be a Khud Mukhtar Beneficiary?

An eligible beneficiary is a married couple between the age of 18 – 35, from BISP beneficiary households, as identified through the National Socio-Economic Registry (NSER).

Objective of Khud Mukhtar

The Khud Mukhtar program aims to help young married couples belonging to BISP beneficiary households overcome the challenges of a lack of earning opportunities, engaging them in income generation activities with productive assets.

Khud Mukhtar promotes economic inclusion through the provision of technical assistance, goods and training to underprivileged and unemployed eligible married couples (ages 18 – 35) through;

(a) Labour Market Readiness training;

(b) Livelihood Support Grants (“LSGs”) or the Productive Assets; and

(c) Intensive coaching aimed at improving economic productive behaviour to help increase the financial resilience of households of the eligible young couples

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