August 15, 2022

Punjab Human Capital Investment Project (PHCIP), an initiative of the Punjab Social Protection Authority (PSPA), distributed communication kits in District Rajanpur under its Aaghosh Program component. The Aaghosh communication kits were distributed to 686 Lady Health Visitors (LHVs), Lady Health Supervisors (LHSs) and Lady Health Workers (LHWs) at health centers established in different districts under the Aaghosh Program.

Addressing the participants at this event, Focal Person PHCIP Irfan Bashir and Field Officer Hussain Ali Hussain acknowledged the vital role LHVs, LHSs and LHWs have played in the success of the Aaghosh program, especially in assisting and guiding pregnant and lactating women, as well as helping them register themselves in the EMR App and opening their HBL Wallet Accounts to receive Conditional Cash Transfers.

On this occasion, Dr. Ikram Leghari, THQ Jampur, District Coordinator NP&IRMNCH, and Khalil Ahmed Jam, Medical Superintendent, said Aaghosh Communication Kits have not only boosted the confidence of the LHVs, LHSs and LHWs, in fact they are now working with greater commitment and interest, and are more invested in the betterment of women’s health. They further went on to say that, through the PHCIP Aaghosh Program, a great improvement has been seen in the care, facilities and services available at the health centers. The EMR App has made it easier to register pregnant and lactating women, and there are an increasing number of registrations seen with each passing day. Simultaneously, at Basic Health Centers, ANC, Deliveries, PNC Cases and routine vaccinations are increasing on a day by day basis, and the medical staff present are performing their duties with due diligence and enthusiasm.

Towards the end of the Ceremony, LHVs, LHSs and LHWs, noting an increased respect and appreciation for their role in the communities they serve, expressed their gratefulness and thanked the PHICP program.