August 11, 2022

Punjab Human Capital Investment Project (PHCIP), an initiative of the Punjab Human Social Protection Authority, distributed the Communication Kits under the Aaghosh Program to 1111 Lady Health Visitors (LHVs), Lady Health Supervisors (LHSs) and Lady Health Workers (LHWs) at health centres established in different tehsils of district Mianwali.

Talking to the participants, Deputy District Manager of PHFMC Munawar Hussain said that the Aaghosh program is providing long-term benefits by nurturing the health of lactating mothers and pregnant women in different districts of Punjab.

District Focal Person PHCIP Tasawar Hussain said that the LHVs, LHSs and LHWs have been playing a vital role for the success of the Aaghosh Program. They have been assisting lactating and pregnant women to get registered in the EMR App and to open HBL wallet accounts. Also, LHSs and LHVs have been convincing them to get timely checkups and informing them about the benefits of the Aaghosh Program.

Responding to that, LHVs, LHSs and LHWs said that the Aaghosh Communication Kits not only raised their morale but also encouraged them to do their jobs with sheer dedication for the betterment of women’s health. Appreciating the PHCIP Aaghosh Program, they also mentioned that the program has been improving the facilities and services available at the health centres, and the registration process has been made easier through the EMR App, and the number of registrations of lactating and pregnant women has also been increasing.

Talking about Basic Health Units, they mentioned that the ANC, Deliveries, PNC Cases and routine vaccinations have been increasing with each passing day.

Towards the end of the ceremony, LHVs, LHSs and LHWs thanked the PHCIP Aaghosh Program for earning them respect across the community.