July 4, 2022

Punjab Social Protection Authority (PSPA) and Punjab Human Capital Investment Project (PHCIP) Additional Director Field Operations Zaheer Khan and Communication Specialist Ali Mazhar visited the Rajanpur district recently.

During this visit, they met the PHCIP District Team and IRM Team, and discussed the progress of the Aaghosh and Khud Mukhtar programs, and observed the challenges faced on the field.

Moving ahead, they visited Ehsaas Nashonuma Center Jampur, where the person in charge explained the registration and cash payment procedure.

The team urged the lactating and pregnant women of households registered under the Benazir Income Support Program, to register for the Aaghosh program by visiting nearby health centres. Informational brochures were also distributed among beneficiaries.

They also attended Khud Mukhtar Program’s productive assets distribution ceremony, where they met young couple beneficiaries and observed the quality and quantity of the assets.

On this occasion, they also visited the shop of beneficiary Rizwan in union council Kotla Mughlan whose financial condition has been improved because of the Khud Mukhtar Program. They further observed the distance between health centres and the HBL Konnect stalls and the procedure of opening an account and registration.

They advised the beneficiaries to read the Aaghosh brochure and flyer carefully and look out for unauthorized deduction of payments. At last, they visited the health centres of Kotla Mughlan.