April 18, 2023
The health component of Punjab Human Capital Investment Project (PHCIP), an initiative of Punjab Social Protection Authority (PSPA), in collaboration with IRMNCH & Nutrition Program, launched a three-day Aaghosh Registration Drive from 17th – 19th April, 2023. This activity was held to register pregnant & lactating women with children under two years of age of BISP beneficiary families in the Aaghosh Program. During the Aaghosh Registration Drive, Lady Health Workers went door to door visiting homes in the community to register PLWs and their children, referring them to the nearest health facility for ANC, Delivery, and Vaccination services. These beneficiaries will be eligible to receive PKR 17,000 in Conditional Cash Transfer installments, in line with their scheduled visit plan.
The Aaghosh Program is a component of the Punjab Human Capital Investment Project (PHCIP). PHCIP is an initiative of PSPA, under the Government of Punjab, to improve the health & nutrition status of marginalized segments of society. Efforts include providing good healthcare services and incentives to cover basic healthcare expenditure for women during pregnancy and after delivery, as well as care for their newborn.