Resilience in even the hardest of hardships helped Farah Noreen emerge triumphant at the end of her struggle. A resident of Union Council, Dari Azeem Khan, Rahim Yar Khan, Farah and her family were under great financial duress because of her husband’s limited income – she was barely making ends meet. With the help of PHCIP’s Khud Mukhtar program, Farah is now running a small grocery store from home, which facilitates her in supporting her children’s small expenditures with ease.

After conducting a survey of eligibility, and as Farah’s mother-in-law was a Benazir Income Support Program beneficiary, the Khud Mukhtar team reached out to Farah’s family. Providing them with proper training and inventory, the Khud Mukhtar team helped Farah’s family set up the store, from which they are now earning well enough to meet their daily needs and educate their four children by sending them to school.

Farah Noreen is very grateful to the PHCIP Khud Mukhtar team for helping them earn well through a productive asset, thereby improving their quality of life.