To use one’s skills to earn an honorable living gives one the courage to strive harder and hold one’s head high. A resident of Jampur, Rajanpur, Muhammad Ramzan is very satisfied with his means of earning his livelihood – he has been given a rikshaw of his own to drive and earn with under PHCIP’s Khud Mukhtar Program. Now he no longer is compelled to work as a driver for a rikshaw owned by someone else, and nor does he have to hear from his employer at the end of the day. Muhammad Ramzan is proud that, since the day he became eligible to receive a productive asset from the Khud Mukhtar program, he is no longer forced to be dependent on others – he is the owner of his very own rikshaw.

Muhammad Ramzan recounts his struggles in earlier days – with little children to feed and little income to be had. Since receiving his personal Rikshaw from the Khud Mukhtar Team four months earlier, he now earns PKR 700 – 800 per day, which helps fulfill his family’s needs. He is also able to support his children’s education, and is able to contribute towards their better nutrition. Muhammad Ramzan is greatly thankful to the Khud Mukhtar program for changing his life, and his family’s life, for the better.