There is nothing so haunting as the feeling of never having enough, and spending every day in the relentless struggle to survive. Muhammad Wasim’s wife, a resident of Kot Bodla, Rajanpur, was struggling, and often failing, to make ends meet at home owing to her husband’s sparse income. Ever since she opened up a small general store in her home through the Khud Mukhtar program, the neighborhood children are always seen flocking to her door. Mrs. Wasim is very grateful to the Khud Mukhtar program for its unrelenting support – having a productive asset has helped improve her family’s financial position.

Eligible for the Khud Mukhtar program because his maternal aunt is registered with the Benazir Income Support Program, Muhammad Wasim received a productive asset (the general store) as well as equipment/stock worth PKR 72,000 to make it functional. Mrs. Wasim is also extremely grateful for the increase in income and for her family to be in a more stable place financially – she felt good to be able to support her husband as he toils as a daily