Ali Mazhar Choudhary

Additional Director Communications

Ali Mazhar is a precision-centered, inquisitive, and highly motivated Media and Communication Professional with nearly two decades of experience. Holding an MPhil degree in Communication Studies, his expertise spans diverse sectors, including international donor agencies, development & corporate sectors, TV channels, advertising, and the public relations industry.

Ali has a proven track record in crafting comprehensive corporate communication frameworks, enabling him to strategize, develop, and execute coherent and targeted communications, outreach, and media campaigns for diverse audiences. His skill set includes concept development, content creation, script & report writing, as well as hands-on experience in corporate social responsibility, event organization, documentary filmmaking, talk shows, digital and TV commercials, and more.

In addition to his practical expertise, Ali has actively engaged with academia, serving as the Head Examiner and Paper setter for Master’s & Bachelor’s degree programs in Mass Communication & Broadcast Journalism at Punjab University since 2008. Furthermore, he has been a respected instructor, teaching a wide array of subjects, including PR, Advertising, Script Writing, Short Film Production, Development Support Communication, Advocacy, Videography, and Documentary Filmmaking at esteemed institutions such as the University of the Punjab, National College of Arts, Beaconhouse National University, University of Central Punjab, University of Management & Technology, and Superior University.

Ali has had the privilege of conducting lectures and interactive sessions with Officers of the Information Services Group at the Information Service Academy, Primary & Secondary Healthcare Department, and The Urban Unit – Punjab. These experiences have further enriched his contributions to the industry and knowledge-sharing endeavors.

His expertise lies in various areas, including Media & Communication Strategies, Advocacy & Outreach Campaigns, Public Relations & Advertising, Digital & Social Media Engagement, Corporate Social Responsibility, Branding & Visibility, Creative and Commercial Awareness, Corporate Communication & Training, Innovation, Research & Script Development, Concept & Content Development, Creative & Jingle Writing, TV & Digital Commercials, Infomercials, TV Production, Short & Documentary Films, Infotainment & Current Affairs.