It takes bravery to start anew – but the reward is well worth it. Muhammad Wajid, a resident of the Sabzojat village in District Muzaffargarh, was very worried and unsettled by his meager income, and held no hopes of even sending his children to school. Today, the Khud Mukhar program has become for a beacon of hope and prosperity for Muhammad Wajid and his family. Today he is successfully running his general store well and is bringing in a decent income which is sufficient to both run his home well, and afford his children an opportunity to acquire their education in the local schools.

The Khud Mukhtar team has helped Muhammad Wajid stop having to turn to daily wage jobs to support his family – they approached him and set up the general store for him to run, and stocked it generously. Now he is earning better at his shop and is grateful a consistent source of income by which to support his loved ones. The family is able to enjoy a better quality of life, and are thankful to the PHCIP Khud Mukhtar Program for uplifting their financial conditions.